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We Have It Backwards

Personal fitness training in Fort Worth, Texas

More and more of our clients are healthier, stronger and are looking and feeling better than ever. We hit an all-time high this week for weight loss and body fat reduction. This is what many people want from their programs but aren’t getting. And I know this because I used to operate one for 8 years. And this is not to put my program on a pedestal above everyone else’s, I really do not care about that and that is not my agenda here. Instead, I’m just being OBJECTIVE and realizing that what we are doing should be normal, but it is not. And we are not the only ones doing it better just part of the small majority.

Heart Disease has been and will continue to be by far the #1 killer in the world. And the only reason it is “getting better” is because of prescription DRUGS (not medicine). So, it is not getting better people are just managing conditions without curing them.

Speaking of the medical industry, I do believe it is essential, but we should not be dependent and make it an automatic go to when anything happens. We should make it a point to be proactive and take preventive measures to greatly decrease the likelihood of having conditions that we end up managing but not fixing.

It is easy to ingest, inject, or get an incision but often you come out worse on the other side. It takes more time to go through a program to help educate you with your nutrition, injuries, ailments, limitations, etc. but on the other side of it is you being a totally different person who is better long term. That’s who and what most of our clients are. The quick fix comes with consequences, but education, hard work and efficiency pays off over time and for the rest of your life. Therefore, I believe the health and wellness industry should be called healthcare. And we should have assurance plans for those who are proactive not just insurance plans for those reacting.

Speaking of hard work, most of the health and wellness programs, specifically fitness and nutrition are completely broken. People work out just to work out thinking that is what they should do and are not taught HOW (not what) to eat. Also, most individuals invest a small amount on the thing that should be the most important and immediate for their health which is their health and wellness program. Most fitness investments that are made for the present life are the least expense compared to health insurance that is in place when something happens and life insurance for when you are not even here. That makes no sense! Because many fitness programs are entertainment driven and “fun” nothing worthwhile and long lasting is really accomplished. People are just getting tired, sweaty and unhealthier all at the same time.

And this isn’t primarily about money; it is about priorities and nothing that is (or should be) prioritized should be devalued, especially your health! What are you doing better that you want to do with worse health? So, the amount you’re investing tells us what you are getting and how much you value it. Isn’t that how everything else is? “You get what you pay for”, right? And you do not get what you are not paying for! Health and wellness are no exception. And if we in the fitness industry would do a better job of being better at what we do and focus on educating, influencing, and changing our members and clients lives holistically then people would live BETTER and not just longer.