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I had a VERY enlightening conversation with someone earlier who is trying to figure out their next course of action in order to improve their health and wellness. For the past 10 years they’ve been on a path that really has lead them to not make any progress. They gave me a very heartfelt response on what they liked about their former favorite fitness program and trainer. Eventually I asked them a very important question, “what do most people want to accomplish that are working out?” And sure enough that was this person’s goal as well. For 10 years (yes, TEN YEARS!) they had been thinking about this goal and it hadn’t happen. They can’t get that time back but they can make a decision today to change their perspective, direction and life.

Here is the reality, the fitness industry is by far the most overly subjective and opinionated industry there is. When it should be based on being objective and real data/numbers. And I’m not talking about the countless and mindless repetitions that most overly intense workouts demand. The number we should be looking at regularly is the only one that correlates with your blood work or annual visit with your doctor and that is your BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. There are many people working out regularly with no idea on what their body fat is. And if you’re over 25% (most are) you are unhealthy. Period. I don’t care what the scale says. The scale only matters relative to your body fat percentage.

I told this person I’m done being the hype trainer, now I’m the RESULTS trainer who is focused on numbers. I want you to love your body and health more than me or my program. Let’s celebrate that!